A Valentine’s celebration isn’t complete without ending the night with a bottle of champagne! 

Featuring all the essentials you need for the perfect V-Day,

this gift set is guaranteed to lift the romance mood.

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Fresh Flower Bouquet

Only the freshest, carefully picked out flowers for your Valentine.

More than just the colour and style, the meaning behind each of these classy arrangements is the reason why she will love it!


Jar Flowers

Everyone loves receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day, but what do you do with them after?

With jar flowers, there is no need to look around the house for spare empty jars anymore.

Nothing beats beauty with practicality!

Preserved flowers

What better way to symbolise your everlasting, unchanging love for her than our preserved flowers that actually last longer? Get something meaningful for your Valentines this year!

Fresh Flower Box

Elevate your gift with a little mystery this Valentine’s Day with our flower boxes!

Things get so much better when you don’t see it coming, right?

If you can’t take the suspense, choose from our hat box selection instead for something that will still make her feel most special!