Jane’s love affair with flowers

Jane is a full-time floral designer and stylist. Realising a void in the market for dreamy beautifully crafted floral designs, she ventured into her own name sake, Dear J Flower. Her relentless passion to create unique and stunning floral designs pushed her to take up her continuous improvement and education with renowned masters abroad.

Drawing Inspiration From An Unpredictable Romance.

The hallmark of Dear J’s flower derives from an unconventional train of thought, drawing inspiration from whimsical romanticism that piques intrigue and evoke individuality. Jane’s finds inspiration from her surroundings, which spurs her to travel more, in search for something fresh and relevant.

Each masterpiece is created to bring into life a slice of nature into your hands and your homes. Each design tells a different story and origin. She endeavors to unravel the beauty of each individual flower by bringing each element together to create one stunning masterpiece.

Jane fulfilled one of her dreams by having set up her own SOHO studio in 2019. The studio is also designed in the likeness of her passion – the beauty of raw, untouched nature. This is where she spends most of her time thinking up the next inspiring design and taking breaks in between.

“It’s never about having big ambitions but it’s always been about doing what you love” – Jane